Waxing, Swedish Massage, Lava Shells Massage, Facials, Manicures, Pedicures in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire

These are smooth tiger clam shells from the Phillipines. The shells are heated up by placing a mineral sachet and salt water inside to produce warmth for over an hour.


The heat from the shells warms up your muscles, thus making them more receptive to deep muscle relaxation.


Your therapist will give you a choice of 5 different rich and exotic Kokolokahi oils to help support your body and mind.


Lava Relax

30 mins _______£ 36.00

A warming back massage in conjunction with your therapist's hands to ease all the tension and knots, promoting relaxation and wellbeing.


Lava Relax

60 mins _______£ 55.00

A wonderfully warming massage to legs, arms and back, helping you to drift off into a tranquil state of mind.


Delux Lava Relax

90 mins _______£ 65.00

An indulgent and truly pampering massage combining the warmth of the shells and deeply relaxing massage techniques. A pressure point massage to the face is included to create balance to the entire body and mind.


Lava Rescue

The perfect choice for treating fitness aches and pains. This ingenious combination of deep tissue massage with warm lava shells greatly relaxes tense muscles.

Your treatment is tailored to suit your needs.

Time and price on request


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